Bioshock Infinite Fan Trailer

I’ve had Bioshock Infinite in my Steam library for a long while and thought that might be a good subject for a fan trailer. Up to this point, something about the cartoony style had convinced me that the game is not my cup of tea, but I ended up being happy I gave it a whirl. I really liked how the story unraveled, and the visuals, even still in 2020, are consistantly great.

Here’s my take on a fan trailer:

I captured the gameplay with Nvidia Shadowplay, which seems to me by far the handiest way. 15 second clips that you can rename are so much easier to go through and manage than one long video.

After the credits had rolled, I listened through all of both Elizabeth’s and Booker’s lines to find suitable comments for a trailer voice over. I also listened through the game’s soundtrack by Garry Schyman and after realizing there’s everything I need for a trailer there, I combined suitable clips to form some kind of a rough audio structure.

Wading in the sea of video clips, I took the best ones on my timeline and assembled them into a whole skeleton of a trailer. When the editing felt good to me, I polished the audio, toning up some of the gameplay and adding some sound effects to heighten the dramatic effect of some moments.

Assembling the clips and editing this trailer took me about 24 hours (not counting the playing time, for which Steam clocked 15 hours).