VR 3rd Person Cameras Demo

I’ve been dipping my toes into coding with C# in Unity lately, and made a 3rd person camera system that consists of 2 prefabs and should be pretty quick to set up in any Unity VR game with Input Manager in use.

The system includes 6 camera positions with offsets that can be adjusted with the pad, and get saved in a file when switching to next camera. There’s also ability to lock the camera to look at the player and change the field of view. There’s a little “viewfinder” UI that shows inside the VR helmet, and the actual camera footage appears on the desktop display.

The ship environment is for a game (not in VR) I’ve been working in my free time. I added a VR character prefab using Steam VR plugin for Unity, along with some out of the box scripts on some objects to make them interactable.

The camera system works but is a pain to control. I’ll keep working on the camera presets, to make them as close to the way I usually want them without changing any offsets. I’ll also add a first person camera that takes the HMD movement, smooths it out quite a bit, and levels the horizon.

There are pretty bad hand tracking problems on the video, maybe because of the base station placements.