Animated Viking Comic

2018 - 2019


I'm turning an old, unfinished comic project I started years ago into a series of animated paintings for fun and practice.


​Music: "Eternity" by Montee

Farquest - Intro






-Video editing



Platform: PC


Intro for a game I was working on in freetime for a few years with programmer Tero Lillbacka. There are some gameplay videos on its Twitter page.


Music by Olli Oja, voiceover by Ed Khoo.

Black and white cinematic






-Video editing


I made this video as a cutscene for a personal game project I’m planning, but also to get a portfolio sample that shows my process with full transparency. You can read my blog post about the process here.


Stock music used.

Viking themed painted cinematic



Launch Trail



After doing the black and white intro cinematic for Hive, I wanted to make something similar in color as a portfolio sample.

Hive - painted intro cinematic




Intro video for Hive RTS by Skydome Entertainment, available on Steam. I did the paintings and video editing.


Music by Mikael Immonen, voiceover by Skyler Yuda, script and direction by Sauli Saarimaa.

Game Trailers




Painted Cinematics